Catalyst and Rising Tide Initiative

Fort Worth, Texas:

In the Dallas / Forth Worth area: there is a stellar opportunity for innovation.

It’s encouraging to see key stakeholders come together to share a common cause:

Enhance the Fort Worth and Tarrant County Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology community through the introduction of a vibrant, collaborative technology ecosystem.

Innovation and entrepreneurship are not solely for the millennial. In fact, businesses must continually adapt to succeed long-term. We forget that most things around us were created by someone brave enough to build.

The Rising Tide Initiative was designed to create a fierce outcome-oriented approach to adding value within the innovation ecosystem. The results of a collaborative community will represent fresh value for each stakeholder.

It starts with awareness, and the lifting of silos.

  • Texas is the largest Technology Exporting State in the Nation (
  • 60.4% of Texas High school students want to pursue STEM related fields in their future (
  • It’s expected that the population of Texas will double by 2050 (
  • In 2016, According to the CompTIA cyberstates report Texas ranks no. 2 in the United States for tech industry (
  • Collaborative communities encourage people to continually apply their unique talents to group projects—and to become motivated by a collective mission, not just personal gain or the intrinsic pleasures of autonomous creativity (

Fort Worth and Tarrant County can maximize the opportunity:

  • Facebook to Triple Size of Fort Worth Data Center, and it could surpass 1 billion (
  • American Airlines’ New Tech to Speed Up Security Lines (
  • 5 Markets Poised to be the next silicon valley for real estate (
  • The trend changed in the early 2000s, and Texas has been a net importer of Bay Area households ever since. Between 2009 and 2012, as the recession was winding down and the second tech boom was revving up, the region lost about 1,430 households to Texas, and nearly $390 million in taxable income (

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