In a tech-driven world, we need businesses like yours to thrive. That’s why we’re here.

Strategically Directed

Some treat strategy like a glorified buzzword, giving it lip service, but otherwise ignoring it. However, we believe that taking the time to develop an innovative business strategy will become a strong foundation for your business.

Innovation Infused

Technology is used in nearly every facet of a business, and the technology you choose to use can make or break your business. We believe that utilizing the most innovative tools available will help grow and scale your business more efficiently, so we want to provide those tools for you to use.

Authentically Branding

Authenticity in branding is more important than ever to consumers. Through Catalyst, we seek to draw out the unique characteristics of you and your business so we can help you develop an authentic and engaging brand identity that is aligned with your values and personality.

Economically Strong

Of course, finance is a major facet of any business venture, and has an impact on every decision you will make for your business. By using the right tools and experienced business mentors, we help to teach business owners how to make decisions that will be financially sustainable for the long-haul.


We want to help build businesses by people for people. This means that we will work with you to scale your business intentionally, instead of blindly. You’ll learn how to grow your business naturally through simple human contact and scale it at a rate that will serve your customers and their needs.


While our program is involved and complex, our goal is simple. We want to help grow business that are driven by their values, and our portfolio is full of companies that match that description.


Our Focus

5G Technologies

Cyber Security

Information Technology

Artificial Intelligence

Internet of Things

Software As A Service