• Instant Domain Search - Easy tool to check domain name availability
  • Clerks - Legal paperwork for start-ups
  • Capshare - Create your cap table
  • Ironclad - Organize legal documents
  • Slack - Collaboration tool for teams
  • Visible - Investor relations made easy
  • Buffer - Queue social media posts to better manage your online presence 
  • QuoteRoller - Send professional quotes out with little hassle
  • BaseCamp - Simple project management
  • GitHub - Simplify how your devteam works
  • Amazon AWS - Up to 2k in value of Amazon web services


  • Hubspot - Manage all inbound marketing in one location, 90% discount on services
  • Paypal/Braintree - Start-up blueprint, waived transaction fees for 18 mo.
  • Microsoft BizSpark - Up to $120K of free azure services

Building successful companies powered by incredible teams.

Catalyst scales companies through strong core business, great teams, and robust strategy.

We acquire equity positions in innovative startups. With revenues of $250K+, and the potential for blitz-scale. We evaluate a small batch of companies annually that are pre-revenue. Catalyst adds additional resources, tools, and knowledge to accelerate scale. Our team is paired with portfolio companies with precision, leveraging the strengths and "fit" of both.

5+Business exits

From start to scale, our team has been building businesses and technology for our entire careers. Experience allows us to create in a robust manner that supports the core long-term objectives.

60+ years of combined experience

Our team has a proven experience in rapidly scaling businesses in different industries. Throughout the process, all stakeholders receive value. We believe in building unstoppable teams that grow with the organization.

250+ COMPANIES evaluated

We are experts at evaluating businesses and releasing trapped value. Our due diligence process is tailored to each industry. There are historical examples of increased EBITDA, and margin expansion just from performing the due diligence process.