We work with a results-oriented approach to accomplish the objectives of our portfolio companies.

Our Focus

Cyber Security

Information Technology

Artificial Intelligence

Internet of Things

Software As A Service



Strategically Directed

Many relegate strategy to a buzzword, but that ignores a powerful tool. A modern business strategy can assist in building a strong foundation for your business. We create an innovative business strategy that is effective in our current environment.

Innovation Infused

Technology permeates every business activity. We believe it's necessary to leverage new tools to scale your business. The technology you choose can establish a clear difference for your business.

Authentic Branding

We create lasting value inside, and outside of the companies that are a part of our ecosystem. By drawing out the unique characteristics of the team and offering, we create healthy alignment in brand identity.

Strong Economics

Finance is a critical piece of any business and should enhance every business decision. By leveraging the right tools and in-depth business intelligence, we empower founders to make sustainable choices.


We build businesses for people, with people - to be used by people. By appreciating the core of the company, we can scale enterprises thoughtfully. Scaling thoughtfully, and leading develops people with the business.


While what we are doing is involved, and challenging - it's also simple. Our portfolio companies are all values-driven and infused. The speed of our team is dependent on the trust level that exists surrounding our portfolio.